Return Error in Submission When Calculation Comparison is False

I am trying to disable return an error that will disable the submission of the form if the calculation returns false.

Here is the scenario. If there are 100 individuals in a location, I want this number to be disaggregated. As a double check to this disaggregation, I used the calculate to sum of the different defined age group (${male0_5} + ${fema0_5} + ${male6_17} + ${fema6_17} + ${male5_59} + ${fema5_59} + ${male5_60} + ${fema5_60}. This works fine.

I have also used the double check ${individualpopulation} = ${totalindividual} which also works fine. In addition, I have added the acknowledge which works well.’

The issue now is that, I want the form to return an error that will not allow the form to be submitted if the double check is false.


Welcome to the community @ejiga! Would you mind sharing the xlsform so that the community could add to your existing xlsform.

survey question.xlsx (19.5 KB)

Here it is

OK, in this case, maybe you could use this workaround that has been discussed previously (it should solve your issue):

Thanks. I was able to workaround with it.

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