"Save Draft" while Editing & Linking Forms

Hello! We are collecting savings data from clients for a financial inclusion program. Our staff will create one form per client and edit it each month to include new deposits, via KoboCollect on their smartphones. Is there a way for them to “save draft” instead of “submit” when editing a submission? Since they mostly will be offline when entering this monthly data. Also, for each client, is there a way to link this form tracking her savings deposits to an in initial and separate intake form? Thanks!

@mariemintalucci, if your team is collecting data with the Collect android app, they should be able to save the form and then edit the form multiple times in the app unless they have submitted the same to the server.

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They are using the KoboCollect app on their android smartphones. They need to submit the form every month. When they first submit it there is an option to “Save Draft” or “Submit” but when they go back to edit the submission the next month there is no option to “Save Draft” only “Submit” which they cannot do if they are offline. Please advise. Thanks!

@mariemintalucci, could you share with me a screenshot of what you are trying to refer to as Save Draft or Submit within the Collect android app. Seems like you are trying to refer to Enketo web form.

Your screenshot should make us more clear.

Yes, this is what it looks like for the team on the ground. Any help you can provide is much appreciated!!

Sorry, I should have mentioned also that we do NOT have authentication required.

@mariemintalucci, your issue is much clear now. So I can confirm that you are using the Enketo web form to collect your data on an android device. With the Enketo web form, you can collect data, but once you save, you cannot edit unless you save it as a draft as outlined in our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

Regarding the authentication required to issue, you should be able to solve it by following this post discussed previously:

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Thanks for the clarification. But this is going to be a big problem for us. And potentially a reason not to use KoboToolbox. Our team will need to edit the data in the field once per month. Are there other ways to do this? If they save as draft can the data be viewed? By myself and other managers? Thanks!!

Yes, you should be able to do it using the dynamic data attachment feature available with KoboToolbox.

Great! How do I set that up? We already have the parent project. Do I need to create a different child project for each month? Or just one and and our team will “Submit” a new child project each month? Also do I need to change the settings on the method by which we will collect data? Or can I keep “Online-Offline”. Want to make sure the team can use their smartphones in the field. Thanks!

@mariemintalucci, this post should also be helpful for you:

But to understand the concepts of dynamic data attachment, you will need to go through the support article more thoroughly.

Thanks! I will go through the dynamic data support article. But first I want to make sure I understand the difference between collecting data with the collect android app vs. the enketo web form. I set up the projects on my computer on KoboToolbox but our team will collect data on their android smartphones via KoboCollect. You mentioned that since we are using the enketo web form, our team cannot edit the data once it is saved/submitted unless they save as draft. But then it will not be viewable to me I believe. Is editing saved/submitted data an option with the other method (collecting data with the collect android app)? If so, how do I set the system up that way? Thanks!

When collecting data with the Enketo web form (i.e., through the browser), the data collection process is still incomplete unless you submit the data to the server. As an admin, you cannot access the data collected by your enumerators because you cannot access your enumerator’s browser, and neither does the system allow you to access your enumerator’s browser. The admin will only be able to access the data once the enumerator submits the data to the server.

To learn more about data collecting using Enketo, feel free to go through our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms. You should also be able to learn the difference between Enketo and Collect android app through this support article Overview on Data Collection Tools.