Search AutoFilter CSV Form

Helo All,

Im still learning this toolbox, when i try develop quisioner, I try to follow video tutorial on youtube, but somehow i face an issue as attached picture

areamdlabels.csv (1.8 KB)
LT Placement Programv4.xlsx (15.5 KB)

Moving forward I need to add more than 250 choices in the csv file, so i guess feature “select_one_from_file” would be suit my need

Would you mind giving me feedbacks on how to solve my issue ?

Thank you very much

Welcome to the community, @waktuindberniaga! FYR this post discussed previously should answer your query:

oh I see,

Thank you for your reply @Kal_Lam

I’ve read some of the topic related to search filter for my need, could you give me suggestions on which best option closest to my need in building the form ?

Thank You very much