Seeing error message while trying to upload data to the server

Hello. I keep getting this when i want to preview or deploy

There are more than one survey elements named ‘end’ (case-insensitive) in the section named ‘data’

Hi @Fai,

Would you mind sharing with us your xlsform so that we could have a look at our end.

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Hello Lam

Here is the form. Please treat it confidentially. Thanks and waiting to hear from you. When i upload i cannot preview the form. and even when i preview i cannot deploy and some questions donot appear on the on the form. The other forms i can preview but some questions dont appear in the form like the questions of region, division and sub division. Other questions too like age, profession. Some sections dont appear also. Thanks and waiting to hear from you.

Kind regards


Hi @Fai,

Please check out your private message. The problem was that you had not grouped the questions for a consent to skip. I just checked it on my OCHA account and it should work well.

Have a great day!

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Thanks very much Kal. It works very well now