Seeking for Solution on how to avoid the request for User Name and Password by the field team to start the data collection


I have a data collection and I shared the URL of the form (link of the form) with my team to collect the data as offline and online data collection. but it requires a Password and User Name to Open the URL/link of the form. However, I did not face such issue before. Can you support on how to fix this issue and find a way on how to share the link with my team to collect data without a username and password.

@Mohammed.Subhi, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks for your reply!
I already unchecked the require authentication.
The enumerators tried to open the link to the form, I shared, but it requires my user name and password to open to be able to open the link and collect the data, these are my credentials. Is there a way on how my enumerators can collect data online or even offline without requesting my password and username.

However, I did not face such issue before when creating a form and sharing the link with the enumerators, it directly opens and collect the data online.

@Mohammed.Subhi, do your enumerators have their own KoboToolbox account? If yes, you could share the project with that account with the Add submission permission as outlined in this support article Row-Level Permissions.

Please note that the enumerator account should be created on the same server where you created your account (for sharing); you may have issues with sharing the project.

Here is a similar issue when you have accounts on two different servers: