Seeking your advice on language translation in KOBO toolbox

I successfully finished digitalizing a questionnaire in a KOBO toolbox. But, I faced a challenge while translating the questionnaire from English (default language) into Amharic (its code is ‘am’), which is the local language.

In the KOBO translation dialog box, all my translations have been inserted and successfully updated upon clicking ‘save changes’. But, most portions of the questionnaire did not appear in the ‘form preview’. Please advise me any solution to address this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community, @aga! Maybe you could do it as outlined in this post discussed previously:

To check if all your translations are complete, you will need to download your form as XLSForm and then see if any translations are missing. Generally, you may see some questions missing if the translations are missing.

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I thank you very much for your immediate and informative response. Yes, many items in the translated language are missing. Thereby, I completed the translated question items in the XLS form and then I replaced the form. Now, it works. Thanks a lot!


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@aga, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

What about if we have already colected some data, is there any risk to losse it?