Select_one_from_file not pulling images from external csv

Apologies if this has ben answered elsewhere, I’ve searched and haven’t found it.
In my form I’m using select_one_from_file to load a long list of choices which I might want to add to over time. This is working great for a regular question display, or using appearance = minimal to display as a dropdown.

However, I cannot get the form to load images associated with each choice when these are specified in the external csv.
Column headers in the external csv are: “name” | “label::English (en)” | image::English (en)

For another question in the survey I have images specified in choices tab of the XLSForm using the same header and these load fine. Is there any way I can make this work, or are images not supported in select_one_from_file?

Welcome to the community, @BecSCS! This support article Adding Various Types of Media (image, audio, video) to a Form should help you solve your issue.

Hi @BecSCS, unfortunately this won’t work as you might expect as clients (Enketo, KoboCollect, etc.) need to know about the images on page load. You can refer to the discussion and workaround here, although it may not work in your case. Alternatively, you can programmatically update the choices through the API directly on the form and then redeploy, as discussed here.

Thanks Josh. If we decide we need the images I’ll just specify the choices in the XLSForm.

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