Select one from the kobo dataset

Hi there,
I have 3 forms. 1 is register form where people put their detail into it.
for second and third form. It is Pre and Post assessment; and I want participant to select their names from the registered dataset that they submitted to avoid doubling and linking three forms together.

does any one know whether it is possible to select one from the Kobodabase from form 1 in seond and third form that all participants they submitted in form 1.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, @thatsanee! Maybe you could link the project details from one form to the other using the dynamic data attachment feature as outlined in this support article:

But at the same time, please be informed that you cannot transform a text question that holds the name to a select_one question type using the same.

Thank you for this Kal_Lam. now I know it is not possible.