Select One or Many From External File Question Type issue

Dear reader,

I receive a error message on kobotoolbox app:

I used Select One or Many From External File Question Type issue in Final_form_Special_Samples_v1_with_CSV!.xlsx (86.5 KB) and ProfileCodeSpecial.csv (15.0 KB), but I cannot find the mistake. I used ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x, but no error is found. Can someone help me to find the problem?


@Webex, are you using the ODK server, or are you using the KoBoToolbox server? When looking at the error message it seems that you are using the ODK server. If that is the case, maybe you will need to reach out to the ODK forum for further support.

I am using the KoBoToolbox server, but the ODK app to enter the data.

I was just wondering how you got the within the error message.

I understand, I didn’t realize that. My apologies for the confusion.

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I should also mention that I cannot open the form in preview:

and in ‘Collect data’:


Is this useful information?

Do you have any external select questions in your survey form?

Yes, “select_one_from_file ProfileCodeSpecial.csv”

I guess there is an issue with the CSV file. Could you share your CSV file with the community?

Sure. Here it is: ProfileCodeSpecial.csv (15.0 KB). I paid special attention to the ‘name’ column that should follow special rules. I used numbers as unique characters.

The ;;;;; used next to the label in the header column should be an issue. Remove the same and it should work smoothly.


For details you could also have a look at our support article Select One or Many From External File Question Type.

Strange, I don’t see the ;;;;; in my header at all:


Maybe you will need to recheck it with the file that is in the server. That could have caused the issue.

I replaced the old CSV file with a new one in case and redeployed the form, but still the form won’t run. I downloaded the ProfileCodeSpecial -2.csv (13.0 KB) file from the server, and I don’t see any ‘::::’ that you mention, so that should not be cause of the error anymore. Could there be a mistake from my side or something in the server?

I noticed in the server this is visible, even after I redeployed the form with the updated CSV file:

Is this warning always visible to remember that you always should redeploy the form after updating the media files? Or goes something wrong from my side?

The CSV file now seems to be fine. You will now need to check the survey form to see if there are any issues.

I often checked the survey, but I cannot find the issue in thereFinal_form_Special_Samples_v1_with_CSV!.xlsx (86.9 KB). I already checked the survey with ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x, but no errors are found. Do you have any tips for me to check?


After the error with the CSV file, I removed the select_one_from_file and I received the following error when I opened the form with Enkato: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

Perhaps the excel survey file and/or the CSV files were corrupted. Thus, I decided to start over again with a blank excel sheet, and after deploying the form, the errors did not appear.

Many thanks anyway with your assistance!

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Thank you for updating your solution with the entire community, @Webex!