Sending back the link to the person who filled the form for completion

Dear Kal,

The document is Fiche d’activité - XAMZ17 Programme SAHEL
My id : xxxxxxx
Password : xxxxxxx


FYR, please be informed that i am able to view your submission in the edit mode:

As am admin user you should always be able to edit your submissions that is present in the server.

Ok well noted which means that you need an account and i need myself to give the person access that is to say to “add user” on the sharing mode; right? thanks

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Maybe you could share the edit link with your team/colleague who requires to update the form. Once the form is updated by your colleague it (the url link shared previously) does not work (for the second time). So if your colleague needs to update the same form again, you will once again need to go to your server and get the edit link (url) and then re-share it with your colleague again. So if you follow this cycle you should not get the issue of Loading Error.

Also please note that the person who is editing/updating your survey submissions does not need to have a user account by himself/herself.

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Hi @Kal_Lam I too am trying to access a list of edit links - but according to the below post from 2019 the edit link isn’t solely about being only used once - but rather it also is only available for about 30s. Are you able to confirm if this is still the case?

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@saralo please note there is also a conversation on the below post with some helpful tips from UNHCR re a different way of retrieving KoBo records for editing:

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Hi @nat,

Testing the same at my end i could use the edit URL link for 1 edit. The time did not matter here as i could even edit it after 1 minutes. The main thing i have noticed here is that you are able to edit your submissions only once with the edit URL. For the next time you will have to go back and then again generate the edit URL. That again works for another edit. So the same cycle keeps following.

Dear colleagues,
From my side i still have the very same problem, not possible to edit the form even once when you don’t have a kobo account. The same error message always come back.

i have the same problem. the link cannot be opened in another browser.
it is not a permanent link.
it can open only for one time. after that one you will get the error message.

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@gotoayman, you got correct. It only opens for one time. Then the user will have to share a different link again.

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