SERVER ERROR 500 - cannot log into account


We are experiencing a great issue with

When trying to log in we get Server Error (500) message. The survey results are indispensable, the survey links aren’t working too.
We need this fixed as soon as possible.
Looking forward to a solution!


Same here too. i receive Server Error (500) when i try to log in!
Appreciate any help!

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Hi @Kal_Lam
appreciate any support to fix this issue!

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Welcome to the community, @cikp202! Welcome back to the community, @gh_sh! Thank you @cikp202, @gh_sh for bringing this to our attention. We will resolve this issue and let you know soon.


How did you solve it. I’m experiencing the same error please. Server Error 500

Welcome to the community, @fadamullah! We will resolve the same and update you soon.

any news @Kal_Lam ? It is taking over 4 hours now

I have the same problem its been 5hrs now, so when will u solve this issue??? @Kal_Lam

hi! we have the same issue. i guess it is global to Kobo. please let us know when it is resolved.

Hi, I am also experiencing server error 500 when trying to login in my account, will appreciate any help

I thought I was the only one. Okay, I’m sure the team will resolve this soon. They are very responsive. Many thanks in advance Team Kobo

I am also having the same problem. Looking forward to the Team kobo to resolve the issue.

@cikp202, @gh_sh, @fadamullah, @Tamashavijana, @Stavripal, @shoma, @nattie, @digbijoy_1 please be informed that the server is back again! Apologies for the inconvenience caused!

thanks a lot.

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