Server Error (500)</h1>

I have been collecting data but reports can not be generated. its bring this error… error: <h1>Server Error (500)</h1>…What should I do?

After replacement Just refresh (F5 in web browser) the page. you will see deployment warning
“If you want to make these changes public, you must deploy this form.”
now you can redeploy your form…

Thanks Mskaraca, but won’t my already entered data get lost if I redeploy the form

Hi @badagawa your existing submitted data should not be affected by a redeployment of the project.

I have replaced and redeployed the form but still not showing the reports and downloads are also failing …I am confused …what else can I do?

did you find a solution to this problem ?
A large amount of data will be list if we don’t solve the problem

No, it has never been solved