Server requires authentication (message seen)!

Dear Kobo Community, I need help, I am using the URL: but I am getting a message saying server requires authentication, I have put in same username and password as I created the form but it continuously brings this same message when I try to get my deployed form!

I am assuming that you are doing this on the collect application. Could you try logging out of a browser and then entering your account details on the server side to see if it goes through. I would also suggest that you reset your password.

Note that the system giving this issue is a result of two things:

  1. Using wrong server (which I guess you are not but you can confirm here
  2. You have the wrong password and/or username; may be resolved using the approach listed above.


Hi @umfsnp,

Would you mind sharing the screen-shot of your issue along with the background so that we would be able to identify your issue further clearly.

Have a great day!

I have the same issue, have u found a solution?

Hi @pauline.lietar,

Would you mind sharing with us a screen shot of the issue you are having. This would help us better understand your issue.

Have a great day!

This is it :slight_smile:

@Kal_Lam I’ve also reset my password but its still not working. i also unticked the verification requirement

Hi @pauline.lietar,

Would you mind checking the server settings under the General Settings>Server. Could you also provide the screenshot from General Settings>Server.

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Thanks for getting back to me!

Hi @pauline.lietar,

This is because you have used the wrong URL. Please change your URL as:

And keep the username and password as it is.

It should work!

Note: KoBoToolbox uses 2 servers:

HHI: If you have an account on HHI server you should use the URL

OCHA: If you have an account on OCHA server you should use the URL

Have a great day!

Thanks a lot!! My course must have made a mistake then.

So grateful for your super fast replies!!

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Hi @pauline.lietar,

As an advise, would request you to make a single post for a single issue so that it gets documented well.

Thank you for your kind understanding!

Have a great day!