Server very slow

Server is very very slow when I upload a XLSFom to replace an existing survey…in some case the uploading process stops…without error information
It’s not a problem witjh XLSform …I tested it off Line
Thks for your support

@thierrylairez, is it the same today too? Could you kindly update?

Yes …allways very slow.

@thierrylairez, how big is your survey form (how long is your questions)?

Arround 90 short questions. It’s better today…

It’s very slow again…more than 5 minutes to upload a file if 350kB size…
I think that the server is downgraded

@thierrylairez, could you also share with us a screenshot of what your screen looks like? Maybe that would be helpful.

…during more than 5min

@thierrylairez, how many questions does your XLSForm have? Seems like it has a lot.