Setting Password to a Form

Hello developers, Is it possible to set password to a specific form for a user to enter before accessing the questions? This can help control who answers the survey.
Thanks in advance.


This is not a specific feature of KoBo, but you could accomplish this functionality in two steps.

First, have your first question (named enter_password) be “Enter password” on a page by itself. Let’s say you want your password to 'be apple_123".

Then, put the rest of the assessment in a group with skip logic. Under the skip logic (or the relevant column if using XLSForm), you would simply put

${enter_password} = ‘apple_123’

If the user enters the correct password, they will be able to enter the questions on the next page! You could put a “note” with skip logic

${enter_password} != ‘apple_123’

that would say “You did not enter the correct password.”

Good luck!

Thank you so much!

I may be wrong, but I thought you could send the link to the form so it can only be used once. That way it is much more likely only to be answered by the person you sent it to.