Share submitted form as an editable webpage


I am collecting data using the same set of questions every two weeks from approximately 200 respondents (using the KoBo Enketo webpage interface).

I know that this is strictly not best practice but I want to share the previously submitted form with respondents for them to edit (if required) and resubmit rather than having to fill out question again every two weeks. A lot of our respondents are unhappy with having to fill in all their information again!

I know that through ‘Data’ and then ‘Table’, I can actually open an editable version of the previously submitted forms. But can I share this webpage with users in a stable manner?

Copying and pasting the link in an email doesn’t work. The link seems to work for only a short period of time and gets disabled by the time it reaches people.

Could you please help? This would really help a lot of people and cumulatively save hundreds of hours of additional work.


PS The other solution that I have considered is to upload all the previous responses in a CSV file and use pull data to display the latest responses to users. But it is tedious from a coding perspective and a nightmare with multiple response questions. If I can simply share the editable version of their previous responses with them, it will be so much better!

I would really appreciate your help!

Hi @kabira_namit,

May I suggest another type of workaround?

Editing existing forms will make you lose previous data by overwriting it.

How about creating 2 types of forms:
1- First time form, where you ask for the information of the participants. And in this form you can create some sort of UNIQUE ID for them.

2- Second form, where you ask for the information you need and their UNIQUE ID (and maybe one or two questions to make sure the UNIQUE ID is entered correctly)

In this way you can have 2 data sets where you can follow the answers biweekly, and know their information through UNIQUE ID.

Hope this helps.

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@kabira_namit, another approach maybe would be using the dynamic data attachment feature as outlined in the support article:

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Hi both,

Many many thanks for your responses.

I have spent a good few hours pouring over the documentation of the dynamic data attachments. It seems to work perfectly for single select questions but doesn’t seem to work for multiple select questions apart from the example on the dynamic data attachment page (though the code for single select and multiple select questions is identical).

I see that others have faced this exact same problem and reported it here. Is this a known bug that the developers are looking into or are all of us missing something crucial?

Happy to share my parent and child surveys.

Many many thanks once again,

Hi Hakan,

Thank you for your response.

We already have a unique ID and are not asking questions that are time invariant every two weeks.

The reason that we feel the need to share the editable version of the submitted page is because the group of questions that we are asking revolve around reopening of schools post-Covid and most answers don’t change every two weeks but we still need to confirm those responses are up-to-date.

Basically, we don’t want them to have to enter all the information again but we need them to see it and confirm that the information remains valid and up to date, if you see what I mean.


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Thank you @kabira_namit for letting us know that the select-multiple question type has an issue with the dynamic data attachment. Will have a closer look myself and get back to you soon to let you know if it’s a bug.

Hi, were you able to check? Many thanks once again for your incredible support!

@kabira_namit, sorry for the delay. I checked, and it’s working smoothly!

Round 2.xlsx (19.8 KB)
Round 1.xlsx (19.5 KB)


Could you please take a quick look at my parent (Round 1) and child (Round 2) surveys? Only select_one questions are working for me. I wouldn’t ask if I hadn’t spent hours going through it and the documentation without figuring out what I am doing wrong.

I owe you!

Many many thanks,

@kabira_namit, have you tried the sample shared from the support article?

Hi, I have.

I can be really specific with the issue now that I have spent some more time on it.

I am able to link all kinds of questions (single select, multiple select, text, integer) as long as they are within the same group as the ID question (in my case, country).

So, this works -


But this, does not -


Effectively, I am unable to link questions if they are in a separate group (in both the parent form and the child form from the matching variable). Does that make sense? Is this a limitation of dynamic data attachments that everything must be within the same group or am I still doing something wrong?

Many many thanks for this wonderful feature and apologies for these questions. I wouldn’t keep bothering you if I could figure this out myself - I promise!

It seems like you are also tiring to cascade a question for the dynamic data attachment. You will not need to cascade when using dynamic data attachment.