Sharing and Permissions

Hi Everyone,
I have two survey form as same time.
In one of them is required answer to the survey with user name and Password, and another survey should be public with link (without login).
for firs form, active Require Authentication

After that we can not share the second form for data collecting without user name and Password. can you guide me for this problem?

@hoseinnematolahi, is it the same survey project, or is it two different projects?

Hi Kal_Lam,
They are two different Projects…

@hoseinnematolahi, if you check the Require authentication to see forms and submit data, you will need to enter the username and password to submit the data to the server. If you do not check this option, the data can be submitted to the server without the login credentials.

Exactly, but I want to use username for one of the forms and publish the other (completely different) form publicly without needing username. Is there a solution?

@hoseinnematolahi, unfortunately, this feature is only available at the account level and is impossible to set at the project level.

We do have a feature request for this.

Maybe you could VOTE for the same to make it a reality in the near future.

Hello @hoseinnematolahi
So, you can create and use a second account with a copy of your form to solve your issue.

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