Sharing Projects with my collaborators - they are unable to view

I created a form and get deployed that my collaborators can use on mobile devices. However, they unable to view the form on their mobile devices. Can someone help me with this?


Welcome to the community, @k_nishimwe! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

I have tried this option without success. If you can assist me in another way, this will be helpful.
Much appreciated

@k_nishimwe, could you share with us the screenshot of the General Settings>Server from your Collect android app? Maybe the settings you have configured there would be able to describe more.

above is the short screen.

Is this your admin account? You should be able to get the survey project to your Collect android app with the settings you shared above. Have you also ensured the password?

I am the admin of the form. I am able to view the form on collect android app. However, my collaborators are not able to view it.

@k_nishimwe, do you wish your team to view the same through their own user account? If this is the case, you will have to share your survey project with your team as outlined in this support article Managing Permissions.

Hi @k_nishimwe

This has to do with the way they are feeding the information on the server settings. They should strictly follow this part for what was shared by @Kal_Lam


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issues resolved. Thank you for your support.