Show labels for choices when data is pulled

Hello family!
I hope you are all doing well?
I would like to know if there is any update on how to pull data Kobo to power bi showing the labels instead of the xml values using the API version 2

Welcome to the community, @Alex_ousman! We will let you know when we resolve this issue.

Okay thanks and hope there is any workaround
If any please help

A workaround is well illustrated here: Show 'Labels' instead of XML Values in KoBoToolbox using jr:choice-name! - YouTube
Essentially runs a jr calc to record the label making it available as a field to share/pull.

Except, I spoke too soon. This is not an advised route, there seem to be all sorts of glitches when using jr:choice-name. Mine current is that I cannot then share that field dynamically…