Showing a map in mobile phone to get location data and hyding lat/lon/alt/accuracy from a map

I developed a questionnaire using XLSForm and deployed it in KoBoToolbox.
I have an issue when we place a geopoint type question which aims to collect respondents’ location information such as residence, workplace, etc.

When we simply use geopoint without any appearance setting, it shows a map and input cells for other attributes (lat, lon, etc.).

However, when we display it in smartphone (android version 9, chrome), it only shows a button to collect current location. Search window was also disappeared (this is important for respondents to easily get the desired location).

I tried some suggestions in this thread (“maps and hide-input” and “placement-map” in "appearance) but it did not work well for me.

Another issue is that we do not want to display latitude, longitude, altitude and accuracy windows not to make respondents confused. However we cannot find ways to make them invisible.

Any suggestions are appreciated!!

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For issue 1 (map is seen in Enketo when using PC while the same is not visible when using a tablet/mobile):

Try this on a device (tablet/mobile) that has a larger screen, and you should see that they should behave similarly.

For issue 2 (hide lat, long, altitude, and accuracy):

Try using hide-input in the appearance, and that should solve your issue.

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Note: You could still view the lat, long, altitude, and accuracy by clicking the slider (as marked with a white box in the image above).

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Dear Kal_Lam

Thank you for your advice.

1. Lat/Lon
I could hide lat, lon, altitude and accuracy based on your comment.

2. Map invisible in mobile phone
I tried it with my iPad but it also did not display the map.
Screen size is 9.7 inchi.

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Is ther any way to hide map from desktop/laptop screens too?

Welcome to the community, @pritamlonkar786! These are the only options that are available @pritamlonkar786:

For reference please visit here.