Skip Logic Error and Preview Decline

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I am having a problem with creating skip logic with a bunch of questions in Ratings. ( I am using Likert Scale) for evaluating weekly training. I have created the skip logic but always get the error:

Here are the screenshots how I am doing;

These are the logics I have created for the below question to show if any of the conditions met,

Please specify if you have selected Neither Agree Nor Disagree to the statements above (This question should come if anyone selected mentioned response)

This is the Error I received :
“There has been a problem trying to replace ${undefined} with the XPath to the survey element named ‘undefined’. There is no survey element with this name.”

I am looking forward to your reply. I am new to this KOBO TOOL BOX.

Saba Khan

As per your condition you mentioned, there is “Question should match all of these criteria”.

Change that into the “Question should match any of these criteria”.

Or if you could share a excel version. it would be much helpful.

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Thank you, Dane, I have tried this “Question should match any of these criteria”. too but still have the same error. I don’t have an excel sheet. I designed the form in word and developing here.

These are the questions

you can download the excel file from where you build this question (kobo server). It seems like “${undefined}” is not survey sheet.

Instruction for downloading the excel ;

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But what will I do with Execl. It doesn’t have any response. This error only come when I build skip logic

Through excel, it can help to identify your issue easily. and make changes the with skip logic through excel.

This excel means the question which you develop through server, not the excel that contains data.

and upload that again back to server.

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Thank you. I have downloaded that one.let me see and share here

I am a new user and cannot upload an attachment

@ Kal_Lam; if you could help out for new user to upload an attachment,

May be only the core team can help on uploading the attachment @ Kal_Lam… am I right on it ??

@saba_123, you should be able to share your XLSForm now.

@saba_123, you should be able to add skip logic to your XLSForm as outlined in these posts discussed previously:

And this one too …

Bundles of thanks Kal_Lam, let me go through and share my Excel sheet here too.

Here is the excel sheet of the form. Meanwhile I will review the tags, Kal_lam shared with me.


as per your pervious issue, I had made skip logic for Group “Content & Design” , if neither agree or disagree is selected in any statement, please specify will be shown.

you use similar logic for other group as well, for your reference, I had attached the excel sheet where i had highlighted the skip logic.

WIL_FEEDBACK FORM_Dnes.xlsx (14.8 KB)

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Thank you Dnes :slight_smile: , for all the help and guidnace

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your are welcome.

Just giving back to community from where I had learned a much about it.

Glad it worked for you.

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@Dnes, @saba_123 :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

Just a quick question. Should I now upload this excel sheet by adding more skip logic as you have done for me.

or manually enter there.

Either is fine. If you fine easy adding skip logic is excel you can do it in excel and upload it. I

And if you are not familiar with excel, you can add skip logic in kobo build.

Either way works.

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Great! both will work.

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