Some data not showing in Power Bi

hello kobo teem

I face problem when i submit the form some of the data was not saved in the field such as male female ? could you help me please

Could you kindly elaborate on your issue? At the moment, your issue is not clear enough.

on the form that i created i fill the answers and link it with power BI some data was missed on the or not saved some of the fields was empty

Are those data available while downloading in an XLS format? Are they also available when downloading them as Excel Power Query?

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row number 3 was

i download the form but it is not able to open throw excel.

So you mean when you download your data in an XLS format you were not able to open it?

it open now , but still in power bi missed

Any Updates ? :cry: :cry:

Have you gone through our support article Pulling Data Into PowerBI? It should help you solve your case.

Still get the null field

@sara_7500, we have an interesting discussion in one of our post which should provide you with different approaches (that should solve you issue):