Start, end and submission date

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During my work on digitization I’ve faced this issue many times,
The issue is, when I download the data as a label or xlm the automatic inputs of each of “start” , “end” , “_submission_time” are incorrect or unreasonable. And will explain each issue I’ve faced,

1- The end time and date is before the start time and date (therefur the duration of the survey will be minus - )

2- The end time and date is after the start time and date with only few minutes (2, 3 , 4 min) which it is not correct at all since the intro needs more than 2 minutes to read.

3- The “_submission_time” is before the start time :confused: .

I’m attaching 2 files for your reference,

In the file named “IRB” you can check the problem number 1.
In the file named “18405_RH” you can check problems 2 and 3.

There are no essential data inside these files, only data to explain the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help and support

IRB.xlsx (21.9 KB)

18405_RH.xlsx (32.6 KB)

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Hello @musto,
You can find related posting/examples witv the search function of this forum, e.g. Search results for 'end before start time' - KoBoToolbox Community Forum

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@musto, maybe this post discussed previously should be able to provide you details on why you are having this issue:

This one too should be helpful:

Sorry, at least this is not explained. Any idea, @Kal_Lam or from the devoloppers, please. Do end and submission_time use server local time which might be different time zone to start locsl time from device?

Which date/time zones are exactly used for the 3 metavariables: start, end, submisdion_time.

Dear @Kal_Lam and @wroos thank you alot for your help and response.

Unfortunately, the topics you referred me to did not give me clear answers to the questions I’ve asked.

If I’m not asking a lot, I will be much appreciated if you can explain in details.


Hi again, @Kal_Lam @stephanealoo

So far I couldn’t find good answers for the questions. All relevent topics or posts were not solved.

Here is an example:

So far the issue is in collected surveys. So I can’t do a solution like applying new methods to collect the date and time right now. And really it is very important to find answer to these 3 questions.

I do appreciate your time and work


Here further hints, please:

Could you provide details, please?

  • the time zone setting for your data-collection device (including whether it is set for “daylight savings”);
  • the time zone setting for your server (incl. whether it is set for “daylight savings”);
  • the time zone setting for the computer on which you are exporting data (incl. whether it is set for “daylight savings”);
  • your version of Collect or Enketo
  • your browswer and version.
    (See Start and End time discrepancy - #2 by crobert - Support - ODK Forum)
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