Stop splitting multiple choice answers

Is there another way, a more direct way, to download my data without it splitting multiple choice answers into separate columns except via XLS legacy, advanced export?
It seems like this should be the default, not three clicks away.

Hey KJordan,

What’s the use case for not splitting select_multiple questions into several columns? Is it to minimize the number of columns in Excel?

How are you analyzing the responses if the columns aren’t split?

Hi all,

was this issue resolved? API can export csv without logging in aggregate server, But, is their a way to do export without splitting multi-select options using API?


@bernieseville I’m a little confused about the question because there is always a column for Select Multiple type questions that does not split the responses. I understood the first question from KJordan to be about excluding the split columns, though it wasn’t clear why they had to be excluded. Is that your goal too?

See this example:

You can export both XLS and CSV in the UI and through the API, in all cases there is a column that doesn’t split the responses into multiple columns.

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