Submission Limit for Professional Plan


may I ask about Professional plan.
Submission limit 25k/month.
if I payment for 2 month (October and November), in October i have 20k submissions, and next November 10k submission, so total 30k submission in 2 months…
It’s allowed??

Thank you…

@Apry, yes if your submissions does not exceed the threshold provided by the system, you should have no issues.

Feel free to us reach back for any other queires.

i have payment for professional plan 4 month (august, sept, oct, nov), with submissions total:
aug = 5k
sept = 10k new submissions
oct = 6k new submissions
total = 21k (accumulation 3 month)

will I get a notification over limit??

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@Apry, could you kindly reach us to for any payments related issues? We would be able to help you out there.

yes, i do.
waiting response from Julia.

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It’s been more than 2 days and there has been no reply from Julia.
Please help.

Thank you…

@Apry, your issue must have already been resolved. However, if not, kindly let me know, and I can expedite your case. Thank you for your kind understanding!

yes, thank you.
next month i will payment again, thank you.

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If the owner of the form is on a professional plan and they share the form with me (who has a community plan) for data collection. Will I be able to submit more than 5000 forms per month because the owner of the form is on a professional plan?

yes, i also did it, coz data save in owner account.

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Hi @Apry Greetings in advance, as long as you use the professional (paid) package, are you always sent a bill to your email before the payment is due?

yups, i have notification email.
but coz I use a credit card, it will automatically be paid.
So you have to be careful if you no longer want to subscribe.

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Hi apry Thanks for the explanation

So you have to be careful if you don’t want to subscribe anymore—>Then what is the procedure if next month I don’t want to subscribe and how do I stop the payment? and who should I contact. Thank You…

How do I stop the payment?
I did:

  1. In the Kobo plans settings, select stop subscription.
  2. To be more sure: Contact your bank to stop automatic payments for kobo subscriptions.
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Thank you very much for your guidance…

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you are from Indonesia??

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Yes, I’m from Indonesia, sorry if my English isn’t good

Iya gpp mas fahmi :slight_smile:
Sama2 lagi belajar kok.

walah ini mah kyknya org indo asli hahahah

Sy bukan org indo asli mas, tp blasteran klaten-wates :smiley: