Submission Service on data server not found (404)

Please note that I am facing the following error.


@Ahmad, do you get this error message when you try to edit and submit your submissions?

yes @Kal_Lam . this is exactly the case

Please note that the following error also appears when trying to edit the submissions

@Ahmad, did you link this project dynamically?

Thanks dear,

I did not actually get this point. Linking the project dynamically.

Also, please note that we still face the error 404

If so, what is the solution to this?

Welcome to the community, @abeid! If it’s a dybamically linked project that you are tyring to edit, you will need to unlink it. It’s still an issue for the case management.

i am also having this issue

@amritshakya, is it a dynamically linked project that you are trying to edit and make submissions?