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I have a situation where I need my team to use surveys on KOBO application that are linked to different KOBO Accounts. I do not want them to have to constantly change the username and password in order to submit the data.

The only thing I could find is a very brief description on on submission_url.

Can someone help clarify the process for me a bit more?

I would like to have my team use the main account (lets call it Alpha) for pretty much all the surveys except for one that i would like the data of which to be sent to the secondary account (Beta). How can I do that?

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Hi @MEAL_Manager_DEZ,

Welcome to the community! If you wish to share your project that has been deployed from account (Beta) to account (Alpha), try using the approach mentioned below:

  • First and foremost, create two accounts, Beta and Alpha. Please note that they should be under the same server i.e. either humanitarian server viz. the OCHA server ( or the non humanitarian server viz. the HHI server ( Sharing permission across servers is not possible while it’s possible only within the same server.
  • Create and deploy your project from account (Beta).
  • Then, select SETTINGS>Sharing>Invite collaborators as shown in the image below:
  • In the image above, you will see an area where you are allowed to Enter a username. Type the account (Alpha). Then to its right side you will see an area with select mentioned. Here you will have the following options to select View Form, Edit Form, View Submissions, Add Submissions, Edit Submissions, Validate Submissions. Select one of them and press INVITE. If you wish to provide the account (Alpha) with multiple permissions repeat the process by entering the same KoBo username (i.e. Alpha you entered earlier to provide permission over your project) and then providing another permission and then providing the INVITE again. You will need to repeat this process until you are done.
  • You will now need to configure the enumerators mobile settings (i.e. KoBoCollect mobile app). Since you wish not to constantly change the username and password in order to submit the data at the enumerators end.
  • Under General Settings in the URL field enter or as applicable (don’t include the username i.e. Alpha)
  • Then enter the username and password for the user who will use the handset (e.g. Username: Alpha and Password: xxxxxxxx) as shown in the image below:

For more details on Managing Permissions, you could also have a look at the support article here.

Hi @MEAL_Manager_DEZ,

The second option is simply to share your URL and configure them in the enumerators KoBoCollect mobile app.

If you are using the humanitarian instance, your link would be: which you should type it correctly under the General Settings>Server>URL. Similarly, if you are using the non humanitarian instance, your link would be:

This seems to work perfectly. Thank you very much!

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instead of Invite Collaborators, have a different screen (OCHA).
Probably the same feature.