Submissions and Form version

Hello all,

I’m using the following endpoint:“koboform_id”/data.json to get submissions data. I’d like to know if a submission is coming from the latest version of the Kobo form.

I can see the property “version” on the submission side and the “version_id” property on the form side but they do not seem to match. Any idea how I could achieve this goal?

Thanks a lot!!!


Hi @it_alepai, the __version__ value attached to each submission should match the deployed_version_id value at the endpoint /api/v2/assets/<asset_uid>.json. Having said that, there was a bug that was introduced a few months ago, but has recently been addressed, where the form with latest version UID, not latest deployed version UID was used for edits (the difference between having made a change to the form in draft and redeploying that change).

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Ok, very clear thanks a lot Josh!!

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