Submitted loading error

I need the full version

The problem with some of “other” choices(Q42, Q44 and Q48) when I remove them I can edit submissions

I tried a reduced version (based on Stephane’s) which seems to work well for editing, including these 3 other choices.
Kind regards (also from GIZ).
new03.xlsx (39.5 KB)


that does not include all questions and still, there’s that error

Did you change (and redeploy) your original form AFTER the submission of cases you try to edit now?

yes even after the original form

Hello @iraq_habitat ,
I cut the example down and I think this might be a bug/problem in Enketo edit submission.
new02.xlsx (11.2 KB)

Deployment, Preview and Collect data work well.
But if you open the submission for edit (pencil or eye/edit) you get the error you have seen (you can open the form, the other doesn’t work and you cannot save - never ending loop).

It is related to the (complex) structure
____select_one > relevant
If you remove any of the structure levels there is no error. (Of course this is not a solution!)

It’s NOT the other/relevant clause itself. If you remove the 1st one, the 2nd one will pop-up.

You can also see, that edit works well, if you chose NO Consent (filter) in the beginning.

Maybe @Kal_Lam , @stephanealoo or @Josh could provide more help, please.

I think there might be previous postings with some relation to this Enketo problem/bug, esp.

Kind regards

Dear @wroos, Thank your for explanation but when I delete some other choices of Q42, Q44, Q48 the form can be edited.

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Dear @wroos, @Kal_Lam, @stephanealoo, and @Josh the reason for the error is the condition ofQ42, Q44 and Q48 when I remove them I can edit the submissions any solution for that issue?

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@iraq_habitat, are you able to share your final version if you still require support?

It’s the same verosion that I sent you in private message

Looking at all the discussions I through you had made some edits. Well no worries, I will have a look at it.

Dear @Kal_Lam ,
could you also have a deeper lock at the sent example (new03), please. It seems to be a general KoBo edit submission issue (bug?).
Thanks in advance and kind regards

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