Hi guys,

I’m hoping someone can help me with support.

I’ve emailed the support guys, but am yet to hear back…

I work as an IT Technician, and one of my users cannot access this.

  1. We have installed latest Java\Firefox, and She can create a file, but cannot save it. It just hangs and give no error.

  2. I’m trying to replicate the issue, but I cannot install this on windows 8. Is it not compatible? I have admin rights, latest Firefox\Java on my machine. I have UAC turned off.

this is My error:

That folder exists - I Created it!!

Any help would be much appreciated.



Dear Carl,

you request as been answered in some of the old post below is the solution.

To save your KoBo form to an XML File on your computer:

· Within KoBoForm offline (in Firefox), click on “View form text” and copy the entire XML code (CTRL+C). Then paste the code into a text editor (such as Notepad or Notepad++), and save the file as “something.xml”. This will give you the xml file that you would otherwise download with the ‘Save to file’ menu.

To load an existing form (XML file) into KoBoForm:

· Open the XML file in a text editor, copy the entire code, and open KoBoForm. Click on the ‘Load from text’ menu item, and then paste the code into the blank window. Finally, click on ‘Open pasted text’ and your form will load.