Survey data translation to a different language

Hey Folks,

I have a survey where we collect data in spanish, because the place where the data is being collected people do not understand english or other languages.

How do I translate the data in English after the data is collected? How are people doing it for their own projects?
Currently, I have a manual way to do this

  1. Collect data in spanish
  2. Export the data in an excel
  3. Manually translate it to English (search and replace)
  4. Use the spread sheet for further analysis

Any other easy way of doing this?


Welcome back to the community @madhukarsp! If you are using the custom reports, you could use Chrome and then translate the page to English. You would find the results in English.

Hello @madhukarsp,
An idea: You could enhance your used form to a multi-language version, that is translate the question and choice labels. (Best use the new target language as form default.) Deploy this form and then export your data. (You can choose the label language.)
Of course, free text data will still be in the original language, needing manual translation.


These 2 steps can be made much easier by getting the data into Google Sheets and then using GOOGLETRANSLATE() function.


Thank you @ks_1 for sharing this wonderful workaround.