Synching/mapping two sections of a survey (KOBO form and paper survey)


We are planning to administer a survey, collecting information at the household and individual levels. To save time and avoid saturation while collecting data, we are planning to collect household data using KOBO Collect and individual data on paper. To map both data, we are thinking of using a alpha-numeric unique code while collecting data using KOBO and on paper. Individual level data further will be digitized using a separate format in KOBO Collect.

Is there a way to generate a unique ID or number at the end of the household section before submitted the form, which then can be used by the data collectors while filling individual data on the paper. So that export from these two KOBO formats can be mapped using the auto generated unique ID.


Hi @Tush and welcome back to the community!

Here’s a collection of posts which can help you creating a unique ID, hope these help you, if not feel free to ask for a specific solution:

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Thanks for your quick response

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Hint: You will lose the great advantage of data consistency control for the individual questionnaire data, e.g. skipping, types, mandatory, contraints, dynamic adaptions etc.
Often this is even more critical for individual than household data.


Thanks for highlighting it. We will keep this in mind.

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