Syncing offline Collect data for analysis

Bjr Elvira,
es que Kobo Sync fonctionne t il encore correctement car n’étant pas mis à jour depuis 2014? j’ai essayé de l’utiliser aujourdhui pour un test avant terrain mais ca ne fonctionne pas. ca arrive pas à desagreger les fichiers copiés depuis les instances de kobo collect

@Drdospipi243, the system now had a built-in feature that should upload the submissions manually. For details, please feel free to go through our support article Manually Uploading Submissions.

Thanks for this but this isn’t really what i want.

Actually, i am on the fied without internet access. before going to the fied, i made a kobo form through kobotoolbox and i downloaded it to android phones through Kobo collect with will be used for data collection. I recently read on this platform that KoBo Sync is the easy solution for aggragating data offline so that i can analyse it for data quality cheks.
Now, i have installed the jdk 8, a prerequisite for kobo sync installation and then installed kobo sync. Now i want to aggregate data from kobo collect to Kobo Sync. i copied files (completed forms are in separate folder as per collect structure) from this path: “Ce PC\Galaxy S8\Phone\Android\data\\files\instances”. I copied these files in a folder on my local driver and pointed kobo Sync to that folder but it’s not aggregating those files. help please

Maybe you could also try using the ODK Briefcase as KoBoSync is a tool which has not been updated for a very long time (as all the features required have been gradually updated/upgraded to the main system of KoBoToolbox).

is the ODKbriefcase compatible with kobo collect?

Yes it’s compatible.

is the same process for Kobo collect as of the ODK collect to extract data?

Yes, it’s the same process!

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Thanks so much.