Table data filtering does not reflect filtered count of rows

we have recently noticed that, when we use data > table page, if we filter a value, the count of rows information (at the left top of the table) is wrong. it always says the total number of rows not filtered ones

for example, instead of filterd four rows, it says

1 - 30 of 9509 results.

Hi @mskaraca,

Could you kindly provide us a screenshot of the problem that you are facing. This should portray the issue more clearly.

here, there is only 4 rows filtered. but it says 9537 results which is the total numberof rows in he data table

moreover NEXT button is active which must be passive/dimmed. because there are only 4 rows and there is no next page. if we press NEXT page it gives error "the query did not return result)

Hi @mskaraca,

Thank you for flagging this issue. However would like to let you know that i just made a check with both the servers (OCHA and HHI) but did not notice this error at my end. Would it be possible if you could share the link of the project through a private message so that we could look through it to see the real reason behind the issue at your end.

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