The form doesn't refresh after submission


Usually when our enumerators would submit the form, the page would automatically refresh with an empty form. However, recent two projects do not do that, which allows people to constantly resubmit the same form, allowing for double entry.

Please advise what could be an issue.
We are using humanitarian server Enketo submissions.

Could you provide more details, please, e.g. steps, screenshots and difference of these 2 projects against previous ones, e.g. form size and internet performance.
Does the issue happen on all devices?
You are using Enketo webform with which browser(s)?

As far as we experienced this will not create duplicate submission, but separate submissions (different _id etc.) with the same data.
This might happen if a new edit is done before the previos form was submitted.

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What do you mean by steps? I couldn’t find any differences between these two forms and previous projects. The issue happens on every device across the country with various internet connection.

Once the form is submitted it still stays the same. I do get the notification of submission

@Mykola, could you try this out in a dummy project to see if the same happens there too?

@Kal_Lam, yes, it happens everywhere now. I wonder if that is an update of KOBO itself?

@Mykola, I just checked, and it’s working as expected. Could you kindly confirm if it’s working at your end too?