The name of the record or ID already exist

hola hola, si esta activado… preciso ahora otro usuario ha reportado un problema sobre la generación del nombre, ¿que puedo hacer en este caso?

@raquelchaicoj, could you help us translate the error message, please? This should also help us troubleshoot the issue.

the name of the record or ID alredy exist.
This is the traslation.

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@raquelchaicoj, you should be able to solve this issue by clearing the cache of your browser’s memory. Please note that if you already have submissions queued up in the browser, you will need to upload them manually to the server as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions. If you clear the cache when there are queued submissions, you may lose them.

Gracias, probaré esta solución.

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