The string did not match the expected pattern

Continuing the discussion from Do you have any insight on what might cause the survey to delay in being able to be viewed?:

I have the same problem and I had no idea where is wrong in this form, and now I can’t even open the link, and already the team fills this form and everything was clear until now.

Could you explain in detail when you happen to have this issue? Would you also mind sharing with us the screenshot of your issue? This should help us better understand your issue.

I had created this form in July 2020, and I share the link with the field.
and one of my team said he has an issue and recently he was unable to open it.
I try to open the link and it works clearly then I try to open it later but I can’t and this message shows up I use Firefox (NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource)
also when I try to open it in chrome It always fails and didn’t open and always show (reloading) then message show (Page Unresponsive)
also, I try to open it on my phone (The string did not match the expected pattern)

Also I try to clone the file but I can’t redeploy it

Would you mind sharing with me the following (through a private message) so that we could have a closer look at it:

  • Username
  • Project name

@Sira, I did not have any issue opening it at my end:

Maybe you should request your colleague to use a modern browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Firefox etc. Also please inform your team that it should have the latest version i.e. the browser should not be outdated, it should be updated to the latest version.

Seriously I had no idea why this link didn’t open. and I use chrome also I have the last version. When I try to open the file it keeps loading and loading.
It’s the first time I face like this problem and I can’t do anything even if I try to download the xlsfile and make another kobo file I can’t do that.
But thanks any way :slight_smile:

@Sira, is it OK now?

It take almost 3 min to open the file but its OK for now better than nothing hhh

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Thank you for confirming!

Sorry for disturbing you, but the file no longer opens “Same Problem”

It seems to be interesting. I can open the same at my end again. I tried it with Chrome and Edge and could open it without any issue with both the browser. It should be an internet connectivity issue at your end.

I try to open it in many different servers also I used my phone and I send it to my friend in UK. Also same problem

I initially thought it was because of the weakness of the internet in Lebanon.

Is this an issue with only this survey project or is it an issue with the other survey projects too?

Only this version even if I try to upload a new survey with same xlsfile, it didn’t work.

Sorry I did not get you …

For your question I only have this issue with only this survey project

OK as a quick check could you create a simple dummy survey project and see if you see the same issue in your dummy survey project as well?