Time spent per section in an interview

Could anyone help me with this issue:
I am in need of counting the time consuming for each section consisting of 10 questions for instance. I used now() function before and after the section but unfortunately, it was not working because “now()” function gives constant values for both. I used once() function with now() but also did not work: format-date-time(once(now()), ‘%H:%M:%S’).
What I should do?


Hi @botani,

You could try this out using the audit meta question type. Please see the support article on Audit Logging Meta Question Type for detailed step by step guide.

Dear Kal_Lam,
Thanks for your concern and answering my question. But may be you did not get my point, I meant time spent per section to be appear after section finishing directly at the time of conducting interviews on KoboCollect. So, how can we do that?

Have a play at the following form:

grouptimer.xls (5.5 KB)

Basically, it takes a timestamp the moment you finish answering the question that is immediately before your group/section [there’s no way short of pulling raw data out of the audit log to get the actual timestamp you started the group, so this is the next best thing…]. Then it takes another timestamp to moment you finish answering all the questions in the group; since you might answer them in any order, I check all of them not merely the last in the group.

The ‘secret sauce’ here is probably capturing the timestamp with a conditional once(now()) - if the condition isnt met the calculation returns null, so the calculation will keep firing till its met. Once met, the timestamp wont be overwritten.

Note: unfortunately, Enketo currently truncates decimal-date-time() values to 3 decimal places (!) which severely limits the precision of these timestamps to approx 86sec (1/1000 of a day). This will hopefully soon be fixed in https://github.com/enketo/enketo-xpathjs/issues/70. So if you test this under Kobo preview, go get a coffee before answering the last question in the group… :wink:


Dear Dr. Gareth,

Thanks alot for your accurate responses all the time.
Delshad Botani

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FYI @martijnr has fixed this (see https://github.com/enketo/enketo-xpathjs/issues/70). So when Kobo next pulls in Enketo (@jnm?) you should be able to preview/run my form a bit better.