Total score

Total score does not come? Can you hlep me with that?

aNtRgMLhFxYodNtX8bGUDi (2).xlsx (20.9 KB) out? could you help me wiht that?

@TM1997, could you only share the section where you need to calculate the sum total? This should save the communities time to help you solve your issue.

Another, content hint: Maybe add widowed as marital status? (The older the person the more often this is reality, esp. for women.)

@TM1997, try as outlined in the image shared below using the coalesce using this expression coalesce(${aa},0)+coalesce(${bb},0)+coalesce(${cc},0)+coalesce(${dd},0)+coalesce(${ee},0)+coalesce(${ff},0)+coalesce(${gg},0)+coalesce(${hh},0)+coalesce(${ii},0):

xlsform as seen in the survey tab:

Reference xlsform:

aNtRgMLhFxYodNtX8bGUDi (2).xlsx (27.3 KB)