Transfer the Project Ownership

We have a project created with an email account that will be deleted in the future and the person who created that in Kobo want to give another one the ownership of the project without creating another one or interrupting the data collection. How can we do that?

Hello community, I’d like to also bump this question since I’m wondering the same thing. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @mlaguna10,

Welcome to the community! You could change the ownership of the user account by following the instructions as outlined in the image below:

  • Click the area where you usually log-out from your user account (instructed as 1 in the image below). Then press ACCOUNT SETTINGS (instructed as 2 in the image below).
    Image 0

  • Change the Email id with a new one (instructed as 3 in the image below) and also press MODIFY PASSWORD to change the password of the user account (instructed as 4 in the image below).

Having done this, you should be able to change the ownership of the KoBoToolbox user account.

Have a great day!


Thanks a lot for this quick help!