Translations not saving


I’m using the ‘update translation’ tool and only about half of the translations I’ve added have saved after I close the form, despite having saved frequently while editing the form.

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Multiple language surveys - help needed

I am also experiencing this, it will not save any translations beyond a certain point…


Hi @sammieibr, @solangec,

Could you kindly show us a screenshot of the problem that you are facing. That would help us provide suggestions to solve the issue.


Having the exact same issue currently. I have 5 pages of translations. All the questions seem to persist fine.

However the answers are not always saving. I’ll go through all the pages and enter all the translations and save but then I go back and a different set of answers got cleared.

It’s very annoying and is preventing us from going live with our survey we are already delayed please help asap


I just confirmed the PATCH request that was fired upon saving my updates, the json for each answer I changed the translation value is null for each


Opened a github issue here:

It appears to be caused by multiple choices using the same name (which I think is a common use case given that many of my form’s questions use “Yes”, “No” choices. It will always find the same item and will eventually override it to whatever the last instance of that name’s value is

can confirm this is the issue. single instance choice names save fine


Prior to saving


After exiting the translations model and re-entering (after hitting save)


Hi @joeypedicini92, thanks for creating the issue on GitHub. Our developers are looking into this.