Two forms in a single survey


I have worked in a survey where there are two different steps: 1. Inscription; 2: Assistance. But unfortunately the pull data of the second did not work. I think that the survey is Ok because I split it in two different surveys and both works well.

EMAP.xlsx (15.4 KB)

Ins_Col.csv (73 Bytes) Ins_Ven.csv (76 Bytes) Ins_Otr.csv (35 Bytes)

¿Someone could help me with this?


Hi @segadu78
Could you kindly provide more information. Unfortunately, this is not clear currently.

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Thank you @stephanealoo for your response, of course!

I want to have in the same survey two steps: 1. Registration; 2. Attendance record of the participants registered previously.

I try to do it in the same survey but the pull data function did not work, I don’t know why.

After, I splitted the same survey in two different surveys (1. Registration; 2. Attendance record) and it worked very well.

I appologize if my English is not enough well ¿did you understand me?

If it is neccesary translate the survey I have no problem to do it.


Hi @segadu78
Pull-data does not work as you wanted to do on the first case. You have to break the two forms like you did. That is the only way for it to work. However, you will need to organize your data from the registration form and then use it as csv to update your second form.

I was able to understand your comment. Incase you have troubles posting your query in English, feel free to use any other language and we will still respond to you.