TypeError: t is undefined

hello Kobo community,
i have been using kobo for years, but today, unfortunately i have experienced a new error

Error occured during the loading of this form. It is recommended not to use this form for data entry until this is resolved.
Please contact support@kobotoolbox.org with the link to this page and the error message below:
TypeError: t is undefined
i searched every single code in the xls, but i couldnt find any fix
here is a link to the survey to note the error: https://ee.humanitarianresponse.info/x/#9uqdDVch
any support is appreciated

Can you please post the original xls form. We can probably find the source of the error from that.

thank you for support, i can not upload since im new
but i can still add a dropbox link
click here

You used “field-list” in calculation column. Use it in “appearance” column.