Unable to attch Parent|Child, need guidance

Dear Team,

Dynamic data has been a really great feature, but i am unable to deploy it.
Pls help me in deploying this…

AM getting error
in deploying CHild project

Unbale to deploy

NGO parent.xlsx (8.9 KB)
NGO child.xlsx (9.7 KB)

I guess you have already gone through the support article:

But would request you to go through the sample shared in it to be more used to with the same. Also please follow the instruction clearly (so that you do not miss the steps).

@Kal_Lam I tried several times… was able to correct it

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@vicks88, :clap: :heart:

HI @vicks88
Do you mind listing some of the mistakes you may have made which we can use to document for other users?


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I did 2 mistakes:
1 . I actually missed mentioning survey at the top of my child
2. I was fetching data from another group… i changed the group name to the one i required to fetch and it started working


@vicks88, :clap: :heart:

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