Unable to auto-detect delimiting character; defaulted to

Dear community, I am trying to open a Kobo toolbox form which is sharing data with other project forms and I am getting this error message: “Unable to auto-detect delimiting character; defaulted to”.

Can somebody give me ideas about how to deal with this error.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @Luis_Pineda, can you please send a screenshot of the error message and clarify what is meant by “sharing data with other project forms” :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unable to Auto_detect Delimiting Character

Does the form also have CSV files in it?

No, It doesn’t. But we are importing data from other project through the connect projects option.

@Luis_Pineda, so you are using the dynamic data attachment? Have you gone through the support article from our help center? Have you followed the sample XLSForm and the steps outlined in the article?

Dear @Kal_Lam,

Yes we are using the dynamic data attachment and we have noticed that the data from the parent project have as a deliming character the semicolon.

we know that because, when we download the CSV we notice semicolon is the delimiting character.

We think that the child project is waiting comma as a delimiting character and that is the reason of the message: Unable to auto-detect delimiting character; defaulted to “,”

@Luis_Pineda, which server are you using for this?

Dear, Kal_Lam we are using this server:


@Luis_Pineda, are you at the start of the project, or are you mid-way?

@Kal_Lam we are in the middle of the project.
Around 10.000 submissions at this point.

@Luis_Pineda, as a quick check, would you mind making a dummy of the two projects you have and then uploading them again as a new dummy project to see if this dummy project too should have the same error message you are seeing? That should give us some clue if the issue is within the XLSForm or some entered value with a problem.


Quizá sea tarde pero a mi me sucedía lo mismo, así que decidí ir comprobando por grupo de respuestas y resultó que tenia en una linea una lógica de exclusión con una linea que había eliminado antes de volver a publicarlo.

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@conafeslp024, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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