Unable to create user account in OCHA server

Hello! I am having the same problem: cannot create a new user account. Either I get a servor error 500 or username already exists… Can you help me as well?

Welcome to the community, @bobbyl64! Kindly please be informed that this issue has been resolved, and you should not see any error message when creating a user account with the OCHA server anymore.

Regarding the error message for the one you created, you could share the same with me through a private message, and I could activate it for you.

Hello !

Thank you for the answer and solving the issue. I would like you to activate the account I created, but I don’t see how to send a PM?

@bobbyl64, you should be able to send me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

I guess the PM function is through the email…. Since I did not see my previous answer by email in the topic.

So the users we did create are:



@bobbyl64, kindly please be informed that I have activated both your user accounts. You should now be able to use them smoothly.

Thank you. I did figure out how to send PM even tho the images dont show in your responese! Ao it is with the small envelop in the top left corner… TY again!

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