Unable to deploy a survey project with 2277 variables (questions)

Hi- I’m having a similar issue with a massive survey - I have tried to make it smaller- it has no errors according to the ODK form checker, nothing seems to be working. It also wants to refresh about 7 times each time its openned. Did you happen to figure out what the problem was?

Welcome to the community @roxanecaires! Could you let us know the number of variables (questions) that is in your survey project. This should give us an idea if it’s related with a large number of variables.

Sure, its got 2,277 variables.

Hi @roxanecaires
There is no set limit to how large your form can be. However, if the form is too large or complex, it may time out before deployment completes. the webserver only allows each request to take 120 seconds, and we cannot easily increase this without jeopardizing the stability of the platform.

There is a github issue that may fix the problem even though we do not have a timeline for when this will occur.


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