Unable to download data from my user account

Could anyone help me exporting data?
@Kal_Lam I have tried to download data from kobo but I am not able to download it from my own language. There are only two data download options. i.e.

Could you explain to us what happens when you try to download your data? Maybe a screenshot would be helpful for better understanding.

Before last today ago, there was an option to select the language like attached, but right now there is no option to download.

Are you referring to something that has been discussed previously?

If yes, kindly please be informed that you will need to have at least more than one language in your survey project to download the dataset by different language label.

If so, we used to download in our language priviourly including local language, this option are not there in new update. Priviously I have downloaded same file in my language but right now there is no option to select and download levels.

What is the total number of languages present in your survey project? If you have more than one language, you should see the language in your option while downloading; else, you will not see anything.