Unable to download data with ODK Briefcase

Hi. I have download the data using public settings enable and briefcase version 1.18. When I pull again data the data is unable to download. In detail window the error is UNAUTHORIZED even I give public access and save setting.
I am stuck in download pull submissions. Can you please help me.


Welcome to the community, @asadibneali! Could you let us know why you are still using the ODK Briefcase when you are able to download data through the KoBoToolbox user interface?

My form has some rosters and when I download xls the UUiD fields are blank and it’s is difficult for us to link the roster data.


Maybe this post discussed previously should help you understand rosters and should also help you merge your dataset having the same:

I’m glad that it’s working again. Thanks

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You can also use _index and _parent_index to join the cases. (_parent_index of the repeat sheet = _index of the “main” sheet).

@asadibneali, thank you for confirming!