Unable to download some fields

I am having trouble getting data from some fields, even though they appear in the data section (Table view). I can see the data in fields, but when i try to download, the excel doesn’t have these fields.


Hi @rosine welcome back,

Can you check if Include data from all … versions checkbox is checked in your advanced options? You can see it in here: Exporting and Downloading Your Data — KoboToolbox documentation

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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya ,

I have tried that, and still, those fields are not showing up in my download.

@rosine can you show a screenshot of the data in your Table view, and the screenshot of the excel file where it should be?

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hi, these fields are only visible in table view

but they don’t appear here in selection of questions to be exported:


  • Is that a matrix question?
  • Is that a repeat group?
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It is a matrix question

@rosine, There was a problem with matrix question, github issue is still open. You can check the post by Josh, to see if the solution proposed by him solves your problem:

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